Humana Cataract Surgery

Does Humana Cover Cataract Surgery?

Humana of Los Angeles will cover your Cataract Surgery providing the requirements in your insurance plan for the treatment of cataracts are met. Each Humana Los Angeles insurance policy varies on which expenses are covered or excluded in relation to cataract treatment. The process can actually be made less troublesome by having your Humana Cataract Surgery coverage verified by our Cataract Insurance Coordinators for you. Simply call our offices at 310 909-8880, or fill out our Cataract Insurance Verification Form. Verifying your Cataract Surgery coverage is stress-free and there are no obligations. Even if you do not meet your Humana insurance policy's requirements, we are here to help. If necessary, our Insurance Coordinators can send a letter of medical necessity, request an assessment for an individual’s needs and guide you through the appeal process for Cataract coverage.

Humana Cataract Surgery Coverage

No patient is the same, and either are their insurance plans. Humana of Los Angeles’ Cataract Surgery Coverage and the requirements for pre-approval vary with each potential patient and their specific insurance policy. Certain amounts of Cataract Surgery requirements must be evaluated by Humana before your specific policy verifies that your Cataract Surgery has Humana coverage.

To see if your Humana of Los Angeles Insurance Plan covers the Cataract Surgery, call us at 310 909-8880, or please fill out our FREE, No Obligation Cataract Insurance Verification Form and we will gladly verify the degree of your Humana Cataract coverage for you!